Co-creating innovation for the future

Sudhanshu Rai talks about co-creation

Sudhanshu Rai is Lead Investigator on the Co-Creating Innovation for Future Markets bilateral research project with Denmark and India, which is a project hosted by the Copenhagen Business School.

About Co-Creating Innovation for Future Markets
The key objective of Co-Creating Innovation for Future Markets (CCIFM) is to study the phenomenon of co-creation of innovation by establishing a co-creation lab at Copenhagen Business School for seeking and creating future markets for technology products.

CCIFM is creating an online co-creation community to identify new innovations, new ways to think of innovating and working innovatively online.

Annual conference: World Co-Creation Forum
Co-Creating Innovation for Future Markets organises a World Co-Creation Forum once a year, which brings together industry leaders, academics studying ICT innovation in related fields to discuss the state of the art of co-creation.

The first such conference (Copenhagen Co-creation Conference 2011) was held on 1 and 2 September 2011.

A CCIFM workshop, held every quarter, (by invitation only) identifies those innovative companies regionally and internationally to help foster a better understanding of issues that need to be handled in CCIFM and identify larger challenges for the annual World Co-Creation Forum conference.

With the workshops CBS aim to align the academic interests of CBS to sets of next generation innovation theories, concepts and frameworks and provide access of data for furthering research. Topics includes disruptive innovation, radical product innovation, business model innovation in emerging economies, technology transfer paradigms, open innovation, online innovation communities and sustainable innovation.

The overall objective is to infuse the CCIFM with relevancy while bringing together a diverse set of co-creators from the industry, academia and government to work solution sets aligned to their immediate challenge.

CCIFM uses its website to disseminate some of the insights coming out of the workshops and conferences:












About Sudhanshu Rai

Lead Investigator of the Euro-India ICT Innovation Mapping project, and Lead Investigator on the CCIFM bilateral research project with Denmark and India.

Sudhanshu Rai received his Ph.D from the Copenhagen Business School, Department of Informatics in January 2007. He is currently a faculty member at the Department of Informatics, Copenhagen Business School. He has two Masters Degrees’, one in International Economics, Banking and Finance from The University of Wales and the other in Economics from the University of Copenhagen. During his PhD, Sudhanshu was a visiting research fellow at the London School of Economics.

Currently Sudhanshu is working on a book titled “Breaking out of the developed-developing paradigm; How ICT Innovation is changing the face of markets in emerging economies”, (forthcoming). His main research area is ICT Innovation in emerging economies, Institutional logics, Indian reasoning, Disruptive innovation and Knowledge management.

Sudhanshu is working on developing the idea of Co-creation of ICT Innovation for future markets, and is applying for funding to create a co-creation lab to study the process of co-creation of ICT Innovation. Sudhanshu is an active research fund raiser and likes to compete at the European level with research proposals. He has succeeded in winning the Euro-India Innovation Mapping project along with his consortium members which mapped ICT Innovation from 2008 to 2009. His current papers address aims to explore the nature of ICT Innovation, how ICT Innovation has the potential to transform developing countries. He uses data from the Euro-India project to explain and explore the impact of ICT on innovation in the coming years on emerging economies. He has his own blog and welcomes dialogue and looks forward to establishing research collaboration in the future with IDIA community on relevant topics.

Dr. Sudhanshu Rai has been chosen as an Outstanding Reviewer at the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2011. He has been selected for the very impressive and significant contribution he has made as a Reviewer to Journal of Knowledge Management throughout 2010.


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