Danish ambassador speaks about Denmark and India

“Dear Indians, Denmark is part of your travel into the future,” says Danish Ambassador Mr. Freddy Svane in this interview.

He talks about why India should look towards Denmark. Denmark, he says, can combine its resources with India’s needs as the two countries have a lot of things in common. Denmark can, thus, play a part in India’s journey into the future which will be an important step for the rest of the world.

Below are three other excerpts of our interview with the Danish ambassador in New Delhi which was recorded at the Royal Danish Embassy in New Delhi on 7 May 2012.


Danish Ambassador Mr. Freddy Svane: Why the Danes must look towards India
“If you want to interact with the future, you have to come to India,” says ambassador Mr. Freddy Svane in this interview.

Freddy Svane talks about how both India and Denmark can benefit from a closer collaboration. Things are constantly changing in India and this opens new opportunities for both Indians and the rest if the world. India will have a vital part to play in the future where Denmark has technologies and green growth which are in demand in India. The two countries, then, will play well together.


About green growth
Mr. Freddy Svane speaks for a close collaboration between India and Denmark exploring issues of sustainability and green growth. “Green growth is the recipe for a better future,” he says.
Freddy Svane describes how India must handle its mindblowing development. According to him, it is important that they work with green technologies. India is the gateway to the future and it is important that the future is created through green growth. If Denmark and India work together they can achieve great things within the field of sustainability.


The Ambassador’s personal advice to the Danes: about India
“Touch India, and get prepared for the future. Living in India, your eyes and your mind will be changed. India is the place to go if you want to mature and to develop yourself as a human being, and in terms of business, I see great opportunities here. This is a country and a culture that will change the world.”


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