Dr. R. K. Pachauri: About sustainability

Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri is Director-General of TERI – the Energy and Resources Institute. He is also head of the UN’s Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which is the world’s most serious and well-founded climate science panel that monitors the Earth’s climate state. The planet’s leading scientists and experts sit in the panel, which makes recommendations to the politicians.

In this video-clip, Dr. Pachauri talks about sustainability and how we must treat nature as sacred and with respect. Culture is important in terms of sustainability because it defines the bounds of our behavior. Culture, he says, has evolved over a long period of time through the wisdom of the generations before us. We should therefore use our cultural platforms as the base of sustainability.

As an Indian I find Denmark a fascinating society, says Dr. Pacauri in this video-clip, where he talks about what he believes India can learn from Denmark in terms of sustainability.

According to him, India needs to learn that growth can happen in an environmental friendly way. If India could learn more about green growth from Denmark, it could reinvent some of its growth strategies.

Danes can learn a fair amount from India, Dr. Pachauri believes. In this video clip, he explains what the Danes, in his opinion, can learn from India – and how the two countries can collaborate.

India, he says, is an ancient civilisation with a spiritual history. It values peace, tolerance and faith.
By sharing intellectual resources, India and Denmark can learn and benefit from each other.

TERI – the Energy and Resources Institute – is a global research institute which collaborates with different Danish organisations.

The interview with Dr. Pachauri was recorded at his office in New Delhi on 7 May 2012, conducted and edited by Mik Aidt from the Danish Cultural Institute.

More information about Dr. Pachauri can be found on teriin.org

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