Peter Head: About sustainability

Peter Head, Executive Chair of the Ecological Sequestration Trust, talks about the possibilities of sustainability in India.

It is important, he argues, to work directly with the local communities. He is currently working on a project in Surat that will help the community grow their economy by sustainable means. The project is also meant to give the industrial area a cleaner environment.

In this video clip, Peter Head talks about India’s desire to move forward and develop new strategies.
India, he says, is a very spiritual and emotional place and the country is struggling to find its right direction. According to him, they can find their own path in the world through demonstration projects.

Peter Head: about what India can learn from Denmark regarding urban planning.
India has great problems with its infrastructure and management of water and they can benefit from Danish experiences on that front. A project in Surat will develop these experiences further and serve as an example and model for other Indian cities.

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