Ulrik Haagerup: ‘Danes, you must learn from the Indians: become hungry!’

Ulrik Haagerup, Head of News at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, explains to three Indian journalists his own theory on why, according to researchers, the Danes are the most satisfied people in the world.

In his opinion, the heavy taxation in Denmark has helped to create a relatively equal society, where to everyone is given the same opportunities. In Denmark, there are no extremely rich people as there are no extremely poor people, he says. Moreover, with the high taxes the State can provide good service to its citizens: education – the university is free – a public transport system that works well, health service, and so on. The crime rate is low, so people feel safe and everyone has a decent life.
On the other hand, explains Ulrik Haagerup, the problem that Denmark is experiencing now is that a high number of people have started to lean back and do nothing, thinking that the welfare-system will provide for them. People are not hungry anymore, so they do not feel the need to work or to study.
The Danish society cannot afford this kind of behaviour anymore. Since the globalisation has opened up all the boundaries, people need to be competitive and efficient.

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