CIID: Design as an innovation-driver

In this interview, Vinay Venkatraman, co-founder of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, explains the reason for the success of the institute which is today reciding in one of the finest addresses in Copenhagen

CIID was founded in 2003. Since its first step in a little room in Amager, a suburb of Copenhagen, it has become an institute known all over the world. The institute is a research centre, an educational house and a consultancy agency in the space of design and technology. Its strengths are the ability to create new markets and new opportunities with a young and multicultural team. Those are the keys to the success of the institute, explains Vinay Venkatraman.

In this video clip, the Indian design researcher Priya Mani explains the role that design could and should have – and the different approaches that Indians and Danes has to design.

According to Priya Mani, the Indian idea of design has been shaped with the craft sector in mind, regarding designers as simply a link to the huge craft sector in India. Designers are, at the end, mediators.

Priya Mani has seen it as a challenge to be able to use her design education in a broader way. The essence of her education is to work with people in order to create a user-based design. So, she says, if designers could leave aside their core speciality, they would realise that design is much broader field.

Priya Mani feels that the design sensibility between India and Denmark is rather closed; in fact, designers in both countries seem to base their approach on Bauhaus’ principles, such as simplicity and functionality. Bearing this in mind, according to Priya Mani, design should be used as a driver for innovation, and as a strategy to make changes in companies products and experiences. A good design can make a difference in people’s life.


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This video clips were recorded by Mik Aidt of the Danish Cultural Institute. The summary was written by Inanna Riccardo.

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