Chandigarh and Copenhagen: explore light, art and urban space

Urban artscape: Use of light, filled with art and literature, to illuminate and augment urban spaces in flux. This is a project currently developed and co-created in Denmark and India: ‘The Urban Wiki Light Project’. It offers the possibility to co-create stories and poems in words and pictures between people in different cities around the planet – and to let them be communicated, interacting and enlightening the urban spaces of those cities.”

‘Urban Wiki’ is about perceiving and augmenting urban spaces as works of art and poetry, which are in flux, always in the making, where everyone relating to the space can become artists and poets themselves – co-creating, co-writing, and co-editing that space.

“Everyone can take part with their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Wiki-pages are projected into urban space and life, using the street as a screen, and then people can use their mobile devices, laptops, tablets or smartphones as keyboards to create and edit the content of the wiki-pages – and thereby the light on the street. In this way the urban space becomes both a physical and a social reality. The space becomes an interface in an augmented reality,” explains cross-media poet and artist Jan Hatt-Olsen:

“This is not art for art’s sake. It is art as a way of perceiving, acting and creating in the world we live in. And changing it. It is activism exploring art, aiming at augmenting and changing it. So in a way you could say that urban artscape is a project which is both aesthetic, philosophical, cultural, social, economic and political.”

In Denmark urban artscapes have previously been created in Værløse and Farum in Greater Copenhagen area, and in Vollsmose in Odense.

In India in Mumbai, during the Techfest 2012, an urban artscape was up and running at IIT Bombay, and also at Techkriti 2012 at IIT Kanpur.

Connecting India and Denmark
The next project now is to simultaneously illuminate spaces in Chandigarh – at the Annual Technical Fest, VYOM 2013 on 15-17 March 2013 at PEC Chandigarh, and in Copenhagen at LiteraturHaus on 16 March.

In both Chandigarh and Copenhagen, you will be able to write, paint, and communicate with light which will be projected in both places, making it a fragmented and connected urban space in metapolis – in which everyone are writers and artists, co-writing, co-creating, and co-editing space. is currently ready to use — both in Vyom 2013 at PEC Chandigarh, India, and at LiteraturHaus in Copenhagen, Denmark — and the system can just as well be used to create light augmenting urban space and connecting urban spaces all over the world.

In a post to the students and the Danish and Indian organisations involved, cross-media poet and artist Jan Hatt-Olsen said: “I think the project has developed each time, and I hope you will find ‘Urban Wiki | Wiki Light’ useful in your different projects, and maybe communicate with each other through the ‘Urban Wiki | Wiki Light’.


VYUM – the Annual Technical Fest – is organised by PEC University of Technology. Read more:

Urban Artscape home page:





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