Embracing the world with online education

For the past 20-22 months, Indian graduate Ankit Khandelwal has turned his own, self-designed international management program into a full time occupation. He has taken more than 20 courses from different universities, tried to learn three foreign languages and extensively studied newspapers from eight different places for regular happenings around the globe.

Ankit Khandelwal is showing just how far an online education can go. He is following his own program, drafted after analysis of his interests, market trends and the required skills to become a global manager of the 21st century. He has extended his footprint by reaching every corner of the world through projects, study of the regions, or through an expansion of his networks – and without burning a single gram of carbon dioxide by flying in airplanes around the planet.

In a featured comment which was published in a Danish student magazine, Ankit Khandelwal thanks the University of Copenhagen for one particular course:

“Critical thinking – thanks to University of Copenhagen”
“We live in the 21st century, where the Internet has blessed us with tons of knowledge compared to our forefathers. But we also need to keep in mind that this information is often not verified and may never be removed even if it is completely biased.

Thank you Professor and the team on this course for telling me that what we see and read may not be what is happening. This course has taught me to be more careful in the future when drawing conclusions on such information. And thank you, the University of Copenhagen for providing this eye opening course even when I was sitting far away from your location.

In the future, I hope to meet you all and personally thank you for bringing such personal and professional changes to my life.”

» Continue reading here:  www.universitypost.dk

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