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Ringing the Bell for Change

In this candid conversation, Rohan Kini, founder of “Bums on the saddle”, takes a moment to reflect on his journey from running a weekend bike shop on a rooftop to taking an active part in the changing bicycle scene in Bangalore.  He says, “Biking in India is on the upswing, the validation for this is [...]

Michael Christiansen: Way to solve the world’s problems

One could ask oneself: What does the world’s biggest, most innovative, and fastest growing democracy have in common with one of the world’s smallest, oldest, and most established democracies? What do we have in common? The answer is easy; because what we have in common is this planet. It is the earth. It is our [...]

Urmilesh Singh: My observations on Danish society and culture

Urmilesh Singh is an Indian writer, independent journalist and broadcaster. He is contributing to different newspapers, magazines and tv channels. He played a leading role in setting up the Rajya Sabha Television, RSTV – a premier parliamentary channel of the Upper House of Parliament of India. He discharged responsibilities as its Executive Editor from October [...]

Neelabh Singh: Green solutions for India

On Monday 10 September 2012, Neelabh Singh participated in the tv production about Copenhagen and green business solutions by ZEE TV, on of India’s largest tv-networks. Neelabh Singh talked with ZEE TV about Copenhagen’s waste management and smart grid management, as these two solutions are extremely relevant in the current Indian scenario. In this short [...]

Peter Head: About sustainability

Peter Head, Executive Chair of the Ecological Sequestration Trust, talks about the possibilities of sustainability in India. It is important, he argues, to work directly with the local communities. He is currently working on a project in Surat that will help the community grow their economy by sustainable means. The project is also meant to [...]

Dr. R. K. Pachauri: About sustainability

Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri is Director-General of TERI – the Energy and Resources Institute. He is also head of the UN’s Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which is the world’s most serious and well-founded climate science panel that monitors the Earth’s climate state. The planet’s leading scientists and experts sit in the panel, which [...]

Research trip on sustainability in Denmark

20 international students – including one Dane – at the ‘Global Studies’ line at Krogerup Højskole (Adults school) have long been planning a study tour around Denmark to visit places promoting more sustainable development – both on a small and a large scale. In April 2012 they finally took off, and their first stop was [...]

Tor Nørretranders: Confidence in viability of cooperation

In a world of environmental crisis, confidence in the viability of communities and cooperation is crucial. Human cooperation and the building of communities around the management of common ressources is key. This is Danish author Tor Nørretranders’ findings in a book he has co-written with Søren Hermansen about how to build links to other people and the planet – [...]

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