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In the international art world, India is acclaimed for its performing arts. The country has a long and rich history of dance, music, theatre, puppetry and folk arts. And just like European cultures differ greatly when travelling from Finland to Portugal, so does the more than 800 different cultures in India as well.

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” - Indian proverb

A mix of old and new
The performing arts differ across India’s many regions and each region has its own way of expressing itself. The performing arts are a mixture of the traditional and the new and modern style which mostly reflect the Indian heritage and myths. Likewise, the Indian visual arts differ throughout the country but they all reflect Indian heritage.

The hit song ‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ – seen more than 60 million times on since November 2011 – is built around a South Indian folk rhythm.
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Ghoomar dance
India is the home of many different dances which are tied to religion or traditions. One of India’s most popular and graceful traditional folk dances is the ghoomar dance. This dance originated in Rajasthan and performed by women. The dance consists of women twirling in circles while wearing voluminous and colourful dresses. The dance is also a part of the Indian marriage ritual as it is tradition for the bride to dance it while being welcomed into her new home.
Video: Ghoomar dance

Articles in Danish about Indian music
The Danish web-magazine All About India has published a number of articles about Indian music.

Listen to Indian music online
Would you like to know more about Indian culture? What about making yourself a warm cup of chai and listen to the radio? Here is a long list of Indian radio stations that broadcast online:
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Also, has a regular culture radio programme.