Over 300 million Indians have a standard of living which corresponds to that of the Danes, and over the last couple of years the Indian economy has been under constant growth. Currently it grows at around seven per cent, making the business industry more and more multifarious. India imports more and more goods and services from Danish companies, recently the import has been on the rise with 14 per cent each year.

“Franchising in India has witnessed impressive growth of around 30-35 per cent year after year over the last five years with an estimated turnover of four billion US dollars. It is helping transform good ideas into businesses.” - Mr Gaurav Marya, President of Franchise India

One of the areas of Indian business which is currently booming is the franchise industry. Another thing that contributes to the growing economy is India's trade industry, where especially clothing and textile are an important source of income.  In addition, India is a leader in developing and producing information technology, which are exported globally.

Delhi and Mumbai are among the world’s cheapest cities to live in, according to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s worldwide cost of living index.

On the right: Danish ambassador in New Delhi, Freddy Svane, explains why Danes should be looking towards India.


Blogging about business
Jacob Risgaard Knudsen, 26, studies and works in Mumbai, where he focuses on connecting Danish companies with the Indian market. In May 2012, he started a blog where he writes about his experiences and thoughts about what it means to be an independent entrepeneur in India in the business section of the Danish newspaper Berlingske.
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India Denmark Trade Portal
Facilitates bilateral trade between India and Denmark by helping importers and exporters from both the countries.

Bringing Indian coffee to Denmark
The Danish company Malabar imports green coffee beans from South India of the highest gourmet and organic quality. The company was founded by a Danish engineer who had worked in India.
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Articles in Danish about business in India
The Danish web-magazine All About India has published a number of articles about business and enterprises in India.

Positive news from the knowledge centre IBEF30 August 2012
India: World leader in concentrated solar heating
With around 80 concentrated solar heating applications in practice, India is the world leader, according to India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. The Indian application development software market is predicted to cross 227 million US dollars in 2012, with an increase of 23 per cent over 2011, according to a study by Gartner.
Source30 July 2012
India: First rank in sustainable behaviour
India has obtained the first rank in terms of sustainable behaviour according to a new global analysis by the National Geographic Society. Accenture is looking to hire aggressively in India to increase its employee base.

30 July 2012
Indian government promotes electric vehicles
The Government of India plans to promote the supply of vehicles powered by electricity over the next eight years. It is expected that there will be a demand of five-seven million electricity-operated vehicles, according to a report by the government.