Danish Initiatives

Approximately 300 Danes live in India on a permanent basis. On this page we collect examples of what the Danes are doing – or have been doing – in India.


The Danish-Indian duo Bombay Rockers – Naf and Thomas – won millions of hearts in India and elsewhere with tracks such as ‘Ari Ari’ and ‘Rock Tha Party’.
Here is an article from May 2012 where Bombay Rockers talk about their past, present and future, and about the Desi music scene.
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Dane brings his poetry to India
Poet Claus Ankersen is active in the world of spoken word poetry in Denmark, and soon he will also be publishing a book of poetry in India. He toured in India in 2011 where he spoke of the transcendence of barriers of cultural identity through poetic performance. Currently he is preparing a photo exhibition with photos shot in India as well.
• The Hindu, January 2011: Palette of wonder
• The Hindu, February 2011: Love, rhyme and reason


The Holck-Larsen legacy
80 years ago, two Danish engineers who had worked in India founded the company Larsen & Toubro. Today, this company is among India’s largest and most respected, and it has recently been ranked among the world’s ten most innovative companies.

Mr. Henning Holck-Larsen was deeply engaged in promoting exchange of culture, science and trade between the two countries, and it is in his spirit that the Holck-Larsen Foundation took initiative to the festival ‘India Today Copenhagen Tomorrow’ which introduces and showcases modern India to the Danes and allows Indians to become better informed about Denmark – to the mutual benefit of the people of both countries.


In this video-clip, Dr. R. K. Pachauri - who is head of the UN's Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change - tells about Mr. Sørensen, a Dane who became a guru in India. Danes can learn a fair amount from India, Dr. Pachauri believes. More about Pachauri

A Danish guru in India
Alfred Julius Emmanuel Sørensen (1890–1984) was known in India as Sunyata, Shunya, or Sunyabhai. He was a Danish mystic, horticulturalist and writer. In India he lived as a sadhu, subsisting on donations.
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Danish India
The Danish East India Company was active in India from the 17th to the 19th century. Fort Dansborg, established in 1620 in Tranquebar in present-day Tamil Nadu state, was the capital of so-called ‘Danish India’ – the term used for the former colonies of Denmark. Today, Tranquebar is also the name of a shop, café and venue in Copenhagen, tranquebar.net
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