Design, fashion, crafts and architecture

Danish design, fashion, crafts and architecture are recognisable for their minimalistic form, combined with practicality and quality. With this style, Denmark has created an unmistakable trademark for itself throughout the world.

“Silver has this wonderful shine like moonlight; a light taken straight from a Danish summer’s night.” – Georg Jensen





Danish design
Design is a large and unique industry in Denmark. It has an eye for beauty and functionality. Danish design has become a representation of Denmark and made its mark on the world.
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Danish fashion
Just like Danish design, Danish fashion has an eye for style. But there is no such thing as a “typical Danish” fashion style. If anything, Danish fashion can be described as ordinary citizens' way of expressing their personality and individuality.
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Architecture in Copenhagen
One of the special things about architecture in Copenhagen is that modern and experimental achitecture stands right next to carefully maintained medieval buildings. The combination of the new and the old creates a unique atmosphere.
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Architecture in Mumbai
The Danish architectural firm 3XN is one of the first Danish architect companies who get assignments in India. Together with the Indian developer Rohan Group they have drawn a number of exclusive high-rise buildings in central Mumbai which contain an important social aspect with an integrated resettlement centre.

Crafts of Bornholm
The Danish island Bornholm is small and known for its pictoresque scenery, but its inhabitants are namely famous for their crafts. Craft of Bornholm is easily recognisable by its distinct stylistic expression. Artists from the island produce handmade crafts in glass, metal and ceramic as well as textile.
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Sustainable Fashion Runway Show
In May 2012, the Danish Fashion Institute organised the world's largest and most important conference on sustainability and CSR within the fashion industry about how the fashion industry can change the way they do business, and how it must become sustainable, for the world, the climate, the future and our coming generations.
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Changing the world through fashion
At the Rio+20 Climate Summit in June 2012, the Danish Fashion Institute invited major players in the fashion industry to inspire participants of the Rio+20 summit on sustainable development. One of the solutions lies within innovative ways of applying enzymes in the production – saving water, replacing chemicals and lowering CO2 emissions.
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New Nordic
Louisiana Museum north of Copenhagen currently runs an exhibition about Nordic architecture. It touches upon the issue of 'Nordic identity' as you can see in the video above.
"I absolutely cannot wait to see this exhibition," wrote an art student in her blog on