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The Danish film industry is placing its mark on the international screen with various stylistic expressions and genres. Cinematography that reflects tragedies and is critical of society is perhaps one of the most widespread tendency in Danish cinema of today.

“I always do something that I’ve never done before.” – Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier is a Danish film director famous for works such as Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark, Anti Christ , and Melancholia. He is one of the founders of the reputed 'dogme 95' concept, and he has won several prizes at the Cannes Film Festival, including the Palme d'Or for Dancer in the Dark in 2000.

“Danish films have universal themes and the ability to raise questions among the viewers.”
Quote from the article in The New Indian Express about The Danish Film Festival which was held in June 2013 in Chennai.


Danish Bollywood
Recently the Danish film director Helle Ryslinge created a series of Indian inspired films. These include the Bollywood inspired feature film Halalabad Blues (2002), the documentary Larger than Life (2003) about Indian film culture and the documentary and Nandini (2006) about cows in the Indian cities.
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Copenhagen Film Festivals
Four large film festivals occur yearly in Copenhagen: CPH:PIX which features international feature films, CPH:DOX which features international documentaries, Buster Film Festival which features international films for children and youth and DOXBIO which specializes in Danish documentaries.
The festivals provide an insight in film culture as well as general tendencies in society from countries all over the world, including India which will be given a special place in CPH PIX and CPH DOX 2012 because of the current India Today Copenhagen Tomorrow initiative.
An overview of Danish film festivals

Salaam Film Festival
From October to November 2012, Salaam Film & Dialog in Copenhagen celebrates the new Nordic diversity. The filmfestival programme consists of a line of thought-provoking films and debate topics from the Nordic countries, which encompass fierce opinions, new stories and sharp debates around themes such as cultural meetings, inclusion, ethnicity, identity, globalisation and the Arab Spring.
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Danish tv drama goes global
A jumper-clad detective and a prime minister with a messy private life have won a huge global following. Although ‘The Killing’, ‘Government’ and other Danish tv series take place in a country that few know, and in a language that even fewer understand, they have captivated viewers worldwide.
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