Indian Initiatives

Approximately 9,000 Indians live in Denmark, and there are more than 100 Indian restaurants in the capital Copenhagen. Also a large number of Danes have been so inspired by India that they have become deeply involved in work which promotes the Indian culture within the borders of Denmark.



‘Ambassador’ of Indian music in Denmark
The Danish drummer and composer Stephan Grabowski took the Danes on a fantastic ride into the Indian music universe when he composed the musical ‘The Bollywood Trip’ – an extraordinary performance that has been performed at The Republique Theatre in Copenhagen.
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Singer-songwriter Anita Lerche from Denmark was the first non-Asian woman to sing and release a solo album in Punjabi language. She received a Punjabi Music Award in 2007, and a Danish World Award in 2009.
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Visual arts

Danish promoter of contemporary Indian art
Art promoter Preben Gondolf is the founder and editor of the website Indian Art and he runs the website on a non-profit basis. He is a former Danish diplomat and was posted in the Danish Embassy in New Delhi from 1987 to 1992, where his love, and collection, of Indian Art began in earnest. His private collection is now over 90 works, some of which are shown on the website.

Spirituality, religion and mind-set

Diversity of directions
There are numerous Indian temples, ashramas, religious societies and spiritual organisations in Denmark, such as,,,, and

Here is a list of Indian temples in Denmark.

Yoga and meditation
Swami Janakananda is a Danish yogi who founded the Scandinavian Yoga and Meditation School. Together with the teachers he has educated, he has strongly influenced the use of yoga and meditation in Northern Europe, particularly Kriya Yoga, a combination of advanced yoga and meditation practices, as well as Karma Yoga and the tantric tradition.
His book ‘Yoga, Tantra and Meditation in Daily Life’ is translated into nine languages, and he is a sought after speaker at conventions and international conferences in North and South America, England, Germany, Israel, Australia, New Zealand and India.
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Indian publishing company in Denmark
The Indian author and philosopher Swami Narayanananda is an example of an Indian who has left his mark in Denmark. In 1955 he founded Narayana Press, and in 1961, some of his pupils started up a subsidiary of Narayana Press in Copenhagen.

In 1967, the N.U. Yoga Ashrama was founded on an agricultural property near Gylling in Jutland. Narayana Press moved there and started a commercial printing activity, engaging members of the Ashrama monastery.

Today, Narayana Press is a modern and publisher-orientated printing house with 120 highly trained personnel in the graphic industry.


Danish minister with Indian background
Manu Sareen, the Danish Minister for Equality and Church and Nordic Cooperation, elected for the Danish Social Liberal Party, was born in India and came to Denmark as a child.
Interview in The Times of India

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