Close cooperation between universities, hospitals and industries has made Denmark a global leader in biotech research and innovation. Denmark has a high focus on medical research, and through cooperation with global operators, Denmark will put even more efforts into the field of genetic research in the future.

“The vision is to create the best facilities for genetic research and bioinformatics, so that we will be able to use our knowledge about genes to increase Denmark’s opportunities in preventing and curing illnesses.” - Thomas Bjørnholm, Vice-Rector at University of Copenhagen


Denmark's stronghold in genomics
When it comes to genomics, Beijing Genomics Institute is a world leader. Recently the institute placed its first European subsidiary in Denmark - at the University of Copenhagen's Bio Science Park. Here it will collaborate with various partners, including the university, in the field of genomics in healthcare, bioenergy and agriculture. The collaboration gives Denmark great opportunities in genome research.
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Denmark builds new research centre
Focus of the new Danish Platform for Large-scale Sequencing and Bioinformatics is on the development of a cancer vaccine and on genome research. At the new research centre, financed by a DDK 84 million grant from Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, Beijing Genomics Institute will collaborate with four Danish universities.
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Solar science
Can we create a house which is driven entirely by solar cells? At the Technical University of Denmark, students are busy working on it! Their project is called ‘Solar Decathlon’. The energy house of the future was recently inaugurated by the Danish Minister of Climate, Energy and Building.
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New study shows that glaciers can recuperate
Global warming in Greenland is a serious climate problem but a new study from the Centre for GeoGenetics at the University of Copenhagen shows that the glaciers can recuperate if the temperature drops. This conclusion comes from a study in glacier evolution which is based on old Danish aerial photographs, satellite imagery and field research.
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Making biofuels able to compete
Many Danish cleantech companies are developing new green technologies in collaboration with or with the support of public sector partners in Denmark and abroad. The magazine ‘Focus Denmark’ presents a couple of current examples.
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Health research in Denmark
Seen from a global perspective, few countries have the advantages that Denmark possesses for public health research, and it is certainly possible for foreign researchers to benefit from a new biobank and other opportunities. “Denmark is most certainly ahead of the US and most other countries concerning the development of IT systems in the healthcare area,” explains this health theme article in ‘Focus Denmark’.
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