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Denmark had 42 million overnight stays in 2010 where families represented almost half the amount of the visitors. But please don’t come to Denmark for its beach life. The capital’s uniqueness lies within its professional cultural setting of theatres, visual arts, music and festivals as well as architecture and traditional Danish cuisines.

“Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” – Hans Christian Andersen
__ Hans Christian Andersen was a Danish 18th-century poet and writer. He is especially famous for his fairytales. Read more


__ Presenting Denmark
Denmark might be a small country but you can find a little bit of everything in it. Both the larger cities, including the capital Copenhagen, and the country side offer many diversities and provides a setting for exploration.
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__ Green Copenhagen
Copenhagen is a very green city in relation to everything from transportation to food and accommodation.
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__ Life in the capital
It is important for the people of Copenhagen that they can use their city actively outdoors through activities and public spaces. Consequently, there is a lot of life in the streets during the spring and the summer. Thus, if you live in Copenhagen, you become an integrated part of the city.
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__ Green stay
Hotel Kong Arthur in Copenhagen made it on CNN's list of the world's ten best eco-friendly luxury hotels. The hotel has been carbon neutral since 2007 and offers bicycles and an electric car for rent.
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__ Link between health and tastiness
Restaurants that serve the Danish specialty ‘the open sandwich’ are currently opening all over the world. And apparently, an increasing amount of international tourists visit Copenhagen exclusively for its food.
You can read this in the articles of a food theme issue of Focus Denmark - a magazine published by the Danish Foreign Ministry.

The so-called ‘Nordic food’ movement has become known as healthy, clean and environmentally friendly: unspoilt, authentic nature on a plate. A frontrunner of the movement, René Redzepi, chief of Restaurant Noma, bases his meals on the use of local ingredients, seasonal ones, while using the most modern knowledge concerning the link between health and tastiness.

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__ Copenhagen's - and the world's - best restaurant
The innovative restaurant Noma has for the third time been ranked the best restaurant in the world by the British restaurant journal Restaurant Magazine. Located in Copenhagen, Noma is one of Denmark's prides where people struggle to get a reservation. The food is inspired by old Nordic cuisines with a new and modern twist.
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__ Copenhagen Cooking Food Festival
Copenhagen hosts a yearly food festival where selected restaurants offer gourmet food at low prices. The festival celebrates Danish and Nordic cuisines by making gourment restaurants available for everyone, no matter their financial situation.
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